HR Outsourcing


HR Outsourcing is a service offered to companies where their HR functions will be managed by People First Consulting.

Company benefits when using the HR Outsourcing services

Administrative Expert

In a relatively short period of time, the company can have a HR department that acts as “Administrative Experts” in providing excellent service to all employees

Data Confidentiality

Assurance of the data confidentiality

Strategic Partner

The HR department of the company can focus on strategies so they can act as a “Strategic Partner” for Top Management

Cost Optimization

Optimization of the operational costs of HR management

Outsourcing HR services could include, but is not limited to, the following:


Candidate Sourcing
Selection Process
Reference Check
Data Administration For New

Training Administration

Training Preparation
Training Organizer
Training Evaluation

Personnel Administration

Employee’s Data Administration
Producing Employee Certificates
Producing Appointment, Mutation or Promotion Letters
Overtime, Leave, and Absence Administration

Payroll Administration

Payroll Calculation
Tax Art 21 Calculation
BPJS Health & BPJS Man Power Administration

Based on the Society Human Resource Management, the main reasons for companies to outsource HR functions are as follows:

Businesses outsource HR to make their processes more accurate

Businesses outsource HR to have access to big data that can help them make strategic business decisions

Businesses outsource HR to save money

Businesses outsource HR to focus more on strategy and less administrative task

Businesses outsource HR to comply and minimize risk of noncompliance

Data is stored in HRIS application, accessible to employees & supervisor