as Strategic Partner

Human Resource is not merely for clerical, but strategic partner. “The HR function can and increasingly is making significant contributions to building an organization that is staffed by the right human capital to effectively carry out the work of the firm and to enable the accomplishment of business strategy. It does this by developing competency models and by focusing on recruiting, staffing, and developing individuals. Although information technology is an important tool in the administrative and transactional aspects of staffing and competency development, these functions and their supporting systems are best crafted and carried out by professionals who are knowledgeable about the organization as a business and as a strategic entity. Additionally, the many judgment, dynamic, and tacit aspects of this work mean that HR will continue to play a critical value-adding role in this area. But it may not be the most important work that the HR function can do in the future.”

Lawler, E. E., & Mohrman, S. A. (2003). HR as a strategic partner: What does it take to make it happen?. Center for Effective Organization, Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles CA

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