About us

We advise you, you call the right decision!

We are a company engaged in the consultation and outsourcing of Human Resource (HR) functions. People First Consulting optimizes the use of technology in the management of HR, by utilizing an excellent and stable Human Resources Information System.

People First Consulting was established with a purpose of providing business solutions for companies by optimizing the HR function within them, thus becoming a Strategic Partner for Top Management in creating a sustainable business growth. People First Consulting is founded by HR practitioners with over 10 years of experience in the field in various industries, who are passionate about Human Resource Development.



  • To be the best partner in HR Management


  • To increase the HR role in organizations
  • To create HR officers with comprehensive skills and knowledge
  • To create an effective and efficient HR process by optimizing the use of technology which corresponds with the needs of the organization

Our value



We are a Company engaged in the consultation and outsourcing of Human Resources (HR) functions. 

Enrichment & Development

We do mentoring and coaching to make sure your HR team have the knowledge, skill, and attitude needed to be your strategic partner. We are enriching ourselves while developing your HR team.


We perform better than any others. We are in the competition with others and our past selves, to be the best of the best. We strive to deliver only the best result, so you are satisfied by our works.


We believe that HR function is so powerful to help you achieve your business vision. We go deep into HR world to explore advancement of HR science and practice.

Lasting Impact

We ensure that all of our works are going to impact your company over a long period of time. We don’t believe in instant and easy results.


Our goal is to fulfill your HR needs successfully.